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About Me

One doesn't learn to be an artist, it is something they become.

you don’t put much thought into it until you become one, it doesn’t happen in a moment. It is something which grows inside of you

It began in my life with me aways trying create a story or a picture of my own. It is something that is made not just simply painting a picture or knowing colors and shades but by a way of looking at the world a manner of wanting to express yourself in a different way. 

To me I’ve found myself as an artist not trying to replicate as a photo does, but rather I try to express a view or reflection with my own touches and influence. I do not create pictures, but paintings. 

As an artist I have always been heavily influenced by my faith as a Catholic. My faith is one of the main reasons for me being an artist for it is through sacred art that I grew a real appreciation for the depth and beauty of art.

Why I paint

My passion comes from looking at the world differently...

I paint as a way not to escape my world but as a way to look at it differently, through a brighter, happier, more accomplished perspective. I paint to bring the happiness and brightness I see to others. 

My triumph when completing a work of art is when I see the reaction of others to my finished work. These reactions truly encourage me to paint more to spread joy through art

 I paint to create. I have always enjoyed looking at the work of my hands with joy at a the work accomplished and motivation for the next task. This passion leads me to the highest excellence in my paintings, if I don’t like them, who will?  

Paintings completed on commission. Every piece of art is unique, so please reach out to me to discuss your ideal one-of-a-kind work of art. 

Contact me at [email protected] or on Instagram @semillism.paintings to discuss options and prices. 


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