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Semillism Paintings, pronounced ‘semee-ill-ism’, is style of painting I created. In starting to paint I found that I didn’t truly like any of the available styles, so I decided to create my own style. As an artist it is important to have a style someone can recognize you for and after years of painting this is the style I have created.

It’s named Semillism to show that its not one style or another but a semi-style, a mixture of styles blended to create an experience in the finished product. I hope each work of art promotes an outcome of appreciation, happiness and hopefully inspire others to paint and to create art.

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I find myself as artist not trying to replicate creation as a photo does, but rather I try to express a view or reflection with my own touches and influence so not to create a picture, but a painting.

I paint to look at the world differently, through a brighter, happier, more accomplished perspective. I paint to make myself and others happy The reaction of others to a finished work of art is truly what encourages me to paint more to spread joy through art. I hope you will find a bit of happiness and inspiration in my work. 


Paintings completed on commission. Every piece of art is unique, so please reach out to me to discuss your ideal one-of-a-kind work of art. 

Contact me at [email protected] or on Instagram @semillism.paintings to discuss options and prices. 


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